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Practice Study Skills This Summer!

For some middle school kids, taking a test is like facing a shark: super scary! One way to ease those fears is to practice test-taking strategies. Summer Solutions Study Skills books provide students with practice in test-taking skills such as notetaking, summarizing, interpreting visual information, outlining, and much more! Practicing these valuable skills during the summer will help your child tackle those tests once school starts again in the fall.

Acquiring test-taking skills is just as important to your child’s academic success as acquiring reading and math skills. Your child may be proficient in math and reading, but if they cannot demonstrate that proficiency on their tests in school, it will adversely affect their long-term academic success.

“Effective study strategies are the gateway to school success, graduation, college entry, and job advancement.”

Study and Test-Taking Strategies for Kids
with Learning Difficulties

Study Skills for grades 4 to high school prep.

Kids can use the summer break to shore up their skills and prepare for middle school and high school. Each book contains only 30-lessons. When kids complete one lesson three days a week, they still have time to enjoy their vacations.

Skills that each book addresses:

  • organization
  • interpreting charts, graphs, and timelines
  • solving analogies
  • cause/effect
  • note-taking with graphic organizers
  • outlining
  • writing a report
  • test-taking strategies

Free Download!

Download this sample lesson from our 6th grade Summer Solutions Study Skills book for your middle school child. See how easy it is to learn about megalodon and practice context clues at the same time!

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