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Plan a Picnic

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Corinne and Max showing us how to make a berry trifle.

Summer is here!  An outdoor party or picnic is a fun way to enjoy summertime weather while keeping the kitchen clean.  This week, a good friend of Simple Solutions came up with a wonderful and child-friendly recipe for you to download.  You and your children can make it together while getting ready for your own celebrations.

If you are interested in the delicious berry trifle that Corrine and Max made, click on the image below!

While involving your children in the stages of planning a party, it’s a good time to talk about healthy food choices.  Using the worksheet we created, your children will list the foods that will be served.  After listing the food items on the menu, they can then determine what food group each belongs to and draw one serving of each food in the picnic basket.

Learning never stops, even over the summer!  Below, you will find other picnic-themed worksheets that will keep your child practicing math and writing skills in a fun way.  Don’t forget Summer Solutions books!  They are an easy way to prevent summer learning loss in only minutes a day!

Here is a story starter for kids to write a short story about a picnic.  The story can be realistic or whimsical.  It’s a great way for kids to keep up on their English and grammar skills as the summer continues.
Don’t forget to keep those math skills sharp!  This second-grade math worksheet will have your child practicing counting, then deciding if the items are even or odd.
Older kids can practice their math skills too with this picnic-themed word problem paper.  These word problems will be relatable to them as they are enjoying summer vacation!


If you are looking for more picnic-themed activities and worksheets, these links are a great place to start.

An Ant’s Eye View
• Delicious, Nutritious Math Food and Fractions Worksheet!
The USDA recommendations can be found here.

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