Pi Day Celebrations!!

Pi Day Celebrations

Imagine my surprise when I walked into a local middle school to watch my son’s music concert and saw this beautiful sight!  What else would a math teacher do but to stop and take a picture?  Of course, my children were horrified.  My sweet daughter tried to get in the picture, but I found myself saying, “You need to move, mommy only wants to see the math.”  My son?  Well he was ready to run for the hills.  “This is SO EMBARRASSING!” he said.

Here at Simple Solutions, our love for math is eternal, and we would love to see what you do during your pi day celebrations.  What bulletin boards do you have up?  What activities are you doing to celebrate this special holiday?  Take a picture and put them on our Facebook wall!   Math teachers can ooh and ahhas they look at your math-filled fun.

As for my own children, my son found out that the picture was not the embarrassing part of the evening.  It was when I sang along with his classmates during his concert.:)

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