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Start of Summer!


 It’s here: the FIRST DAY of summer vacation!  Tomorrow is the day all my good intentions go into practice.  I will begin exercising before the kids wake up.  I will drink water instead of diet pop.  My son, the future fifth grader, and my daughter, the soon-to-be third grader, will begin their new morning routines.  They will wake up, eat breakfast, and complete their two Summer Solutions lessons with smiles on their faces.  Then, off we will head to swimming lessons, and we’ll arrive there on time without tears.

You don’t think it’s going to happen do you?  Sigh, I’ve got to try.  Personally, I blame Phineas and Ferb.  All this talk about 104 days of summer vacation.  Obviously, they are extraordinary cartoon children.  They use their engineering skills to entertain themselves all day long.   I have extraordinary children, but they’re more along the lines of the normal human variety.  They do not look at summer vacation as a time to improve themselves, as I do.  They only want to be entertained all day long, and I have a feeling that completing Summer Solutions lessons is not on their list of “fun things” to do.

So, I’m going to set myself up to succeed.  I put a jug of water in the refrigerator, and I created a sticker chart for the kids.  Trust me, they will complete the lessons, like it or not.  But I would rather avoid a power struggle if possible.  I also printed out the rules for Summer Solutions.  (My son, the future lawyer, is brilliant when it comes to finding loopholes.)  Lastly, I created coupons.  Although I enjoy structure and routine, my flower child daughter is more of the creative type.  I wanted her to be able to take a day off if she truly felt that she needed it.  The coupon is my cue to back off and give her the day off without harassment from me.

I hear it takes 21 days to establish a routine.  Tomorrow starts day one.  We are ready to go:  water, Summer Solutions books, pencils, and sticker charts.  As for getting up early, maybe I will start that next week; after all, it is my summer vacation, too!

The chart, coupons, and rules are all available in the file below.

Click here for the file.


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