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Last month I was speaking at my children’s school PTA meeting about Summer Learning Loss.  After the meeting a parent came up to me and told me how impressed she was with the Summer Solutions program, but what really excited her was that  Bright Ideas Press (the publisher of Simple Solutions) is a local business.  She had made a commitment to buy locally whenever possible.  She was thrilled that her sons would be getting the best summer program, and that she was able to stick with her beliefs to support local business.

Our conversation stuck with me.  When I went back to the office, I shared her comments.  We all feel a sense of pride in our book, and are extremely proud of being located in NEO (North East Ohio).  Her passion of buying local encouraged me to do research on buying locally.  I came across this article from the Council of Smaller Enterprises.


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This article states 13 reasons people should choose to buy locally.  These reasons include:  fostering local job creation, conserving tax dollars, nurturing community, pride, and inspiring our youth.  We at Bright Ideas Press believe strongly in these virtues and are happy to see that our customers value the same things.

Over 1/3 of the schools who buy our books are from the great state of Ohio.  The rest are from all over the United States.  (Well, we do have a school in Canada and many schools Bahamas.)  I think it is safe to say that not only do Ohioans love Math, but all Americans!


Attached are some fliers and coloring pages.  The fliers can be downloaded and printed out for the schools that are using Summer Solutions.  They are a great tool in helping spread the word about the program that their school is involved with.

The other downloads are coloring sheets.  These are great for teachers to use during “down times”.  They help your students to feel pride in Ohio, and in the United States.   We are a smart state in a smart nation, and we value education!



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Lori L does many things here at Simple Solutions, including writing blogs and math problems. She has an Elementary Education degree from Cleveland State University and taught many grades during her 15 years at St. Paschal Baylon School in Ohio, the first school that ever used Simple Solutions. She and her husband have two amazing children. She loves all things Cleveland including the Cleveland Ballet, Cavs, Indians, and even the Browns.

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