National Day on Writing

writingTomorrow, October 20th, is the National Day on Writing. This “holiday” came about as an “initiative built on the premise that writing is critical to literacy.” Each year since 2009, NCTE and other collaborators gather at writing events, in classrooms, and online to bring the necessary attention to such an important conversation. Here are a few resources to help you and your students have your own celebration around the importance of writing in our lives.




First, check out the NCTE website. Here you will find resources, event dates, and lists of ideas on how you and your students might join in.


This is a website that partners with the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) and ILA (International Literacy Association). This link will provide you with lesson plans, a resource list, grade-level specific activities, as well as a list of other useful websites associated with writing.

The New York Times’ The Learning Network is another rich resource for teachers, students, and parents. There are writing prompts, new stories, lesson plans, and endless other activities and ideas. Linked here is the writing page.

And last, but certainly not least, below are two of many TEDtalks that have to do with the importance of writing. A quick YouTube search is sure to turn up something of use.

Why you should write | Misan Sagay:

Why I Write: Natasha Trethewey on Poetry, History, and Social Justice:

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