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Mother’s Day Cards and Crafts for Kids to Make

Looking for some simple and adorable Mother’s Day crafts to make in a classroom or to make with your child? We’ve got you covered!

Mother's Day


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, there’s a chance that you are searching for a simple craft or card for your students to make for their moms, stepmothers, and grandmothers. But finding a craft that is simple, inexpensive, and easy for students to transport home can be a real challenge. So, the Simple Solutions team scoured the internet and found five simple Mother’s Day cards and crafts for you to make with your class this May.



  1. Mom, You Are My Sunshine! Card

Have your students send their mom a sunny message with this easy card. For each student you will need a yellow cupcake paper and a sheet of blue paper. You will also need crayons for students to add their message and sunshine’s rays and glue to affix the cupcake paper to the card. If you have foam letters or googly-eyes they could be used, or you may have students color in their own eyes and lettering.


  1. You Rock! Paperweight Craft

Fun and simple is the name of the game with this craft! Each student will need a rock, paint, and a marker. Have students paint their rocks and leave them to dry overnight. The next day students can write “You Rock,” “My Mom Rocks,” or similar messages. If using a permanent marker as the site suggests, students may need an adult’s help to create their message.


  1. Sign Language “I Love You” Card

This sign language card offers a new way to use handprints as well as an opportunity to teach students about American Sign Language. For each student you will need paper to trace and cut out their handprint and a folded piece of paper to glue their handprint to.


  1. You’re Tea-riffic Card

This teapot card is perfect for little crafters. The above link features a free, printable teapot outline. From there students can color or decorate the teapot as they like. To finish the project have students add a small pocket to hold a tea bag and write a message to Mom.


  1. I Love You to Pieces Craft

Looking for a way to re-purpose puzzles that are missing some of their pieces? For this craft you will need discarded puzzle pieces, something to write with, and either paper or popsicle sticks. The craft offers students a lot of creative flexibility. The goal is simply to have students write the punny message “I Love You to Pieces” and surround it with puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces may be painted or left as they are. You may have student create a popsicle stick fence to glue them to (as the link shows) or you may simply have them glue the pieces to paper. You may even instruct students to shape the pieces into a heart. The possibilities are endless!

Mother's Day


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