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Math Strategy: Look for a Pattern

Count within 1,000; skip-count by 5s, 10s, and 100s; identify and explain patterns in arithmetic.  Find more standards-based summer practice here.

The files below are at a second grade and a Pre-K level.

Click here for the Pre-K level.

Math Strategy

The Summer Solutions Pre-K Math and Language Arts book is for students entering kindergarten. This 30-lesson workbook presents and reinforces many of the basic skills needed to prepare a child for Kindergarten, such as recognizing and forming letters and numbers, understanding consonant and vowel sounds, identifying shapes and colors, sequencing story events, extending patterns, counting, and rhyming. Ongoing practice ensures retention of the language arts and math skills covered in preschool. By completing just one lesson three days a week, the child will enter kindergarten ready to begin learning new material right away.


Click here for the Second Grade level.

Math Strategy

Summer Solutions Problem Solving provides a way to bridge the summer learning gap while developing fluency with a range of problem-solving strategies. The strategies covered include Make an Organized List, Guess and Check, Solve a Simpler Equation, Design a Table or Chart, Work Backward, Write an Equation, Find a Pattern, Make a Model, Act It Out, and Use Logical Reasoning. The 30-lesson workbook is an excellent mathematics resource for instruction and practice with grade-appropriate mathematics skills. By completing one lesson three days a week, students prepare to return to school ready to address word problems by employing a variety of problem solving strategies.

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