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Math Standards Unwrapped

A Simple Solution to Demystify Math Standards

As an elementary teacher, I attended countless workshops and graduate classes aimed at making math understandable and engaging for my students. But I was aware that not everyone had the same experience with math. When the parents of my students asked how they could help their children, I scrambled to find resources.

This past spring, providing resources for parents became even more critical. While parents are the first teachers of their children, many found themselves in an unfamiliar role as their kids attended school from home. Remote learning placed most of us in uncharted waters, but parents and teachers rose to the challenge.

School districts are in the planning stages of what school will look like this fall. Again, most plans include the possibility of some form of remote learning.

We are here to help. Our Unwrapped series unpacks each individual mathematics standard, making it easier to understand what students need to know and be able to do. This eases some of the frustration of teaching and learning math.

Simple Solutions Unwrapped is available for grades K–8 and is incredibly easy to use. Each document provides clear explanations, examples, visuals, and strategies for teaching. Items (with answers) are included for practice and to check understanding.

Researched and written by teachers, each book includes:

  • notes about when to introduce new material and how to address the skills and concepts
  • examples for instruction and sample items similar to those found in the Simple Solutions books
  • a summary of what students should know and be able to do once they’ve mastered a given standard
  • links to websites that provide background for parents and teachers, classroom demonstrations and activities, and interactive practice for students (available in the full grade-level book, not each sample page).

Simple Solutions Standards Unwrapped is available for purchase at Choose the appropriate level by selecting the grade your child will be in this year.  Our “Unwrapped” series demystifies math by unwrapping each standard—what it says, what it means, and how to teach it. To see a sample standard for each grade level, open the free downloads below by clicking on the image.


Grade 3

Grade 6

Grade 1

Grade 4

Grade 7

Grade 2

Grade 5

Grade 8

About the author

Pat K

Pat K. is a retired elementary teacher who has found a new career as a writer for Simple Solutions. She holds a Masters Degree and National Board Certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist. She enjoys the Cleveland Indians, Ohio State Buckeyes, golf, and learning new things, (which is why she loves working at Simple Solutions)!

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