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What is Lexile? Important information to know!

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the term Lexile mentioned by teachers, administrators, and maybe even your child. What exactly is Lexile? Why is it important? What does it mean for my child or my students? Don’t worry! The Simple Solutions team is here to help you understand the ins-and-outs of Lexile measures.

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  1. What is a Lexile measure?

    • There are two types of Lexile measures.
    • The first is a text measure. This is a number followed by the letter L. It is assigned to a passage or text by a company called MetaMetrics. The Lexile measure indicates the reading level of the text; the higher the number, the more difficult the language and complexity.
    • The second is a reader measure. This is a student’s individual score, based on a reading assessment.
  1. Why are Lexile measures important?

    • The Common Core suggests a certain Lexile range for each grade level, based on decades of research. Educators in all 50 states use Lexile measures, and many use the Common Core’s grade-specific ranges when choosing and assigning texts in their classrooms. Classroom materials, such as textbooks, novels, and Simple Solutions workbooks are designed to fall within the Lexile range of a particular grade level.
  1. What does using Lexile measures mean for my child?

    • After completing an assessment, your child receives a Lexile reader measure, or range, for example, BR to 300L (beginning reader to Lexile 300). From there, the child is encouraged to choose reading materials that fall within—or slightly above—the range. According to MetaMetrics, a “range” is 100 points below and 50 points above a child’s score. For example, if your child scored 500L, the appropriate range would be 400L to 550L.
  1. How do I find the right book or the right Lexile?

    • Here is a database with tens of thousands of books. The website allows you to search for book titles by entering a Lexile measure. Or, if you have a book and want to know its Lexile, you can find it by entering the book’s title, author, or ISBN.
    • Scholastic’s book wizard provides a tool to search for the Lexile text measure of the books they publish or to search for a range and find the books that fall within that range.
    • There are even more ways to find Lexile text measures here!


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