Less Screen Time . . . More Sunshine

Looking for a way to reduce screen time and keep your child academically engaged over the summer?

You are not alone!

Summer Solutions workbooks helped us immensely during the summer of 2020 and we look forward to using them this coming summer.  Summer Solutions is an easy way to assure that the child is always learning.  We like that the workbook can go with him and we don’t need to “log on” to another machine or create the work for him.”

Jon Thompson, Parent

Screen Time and Learning

reduce screen time

Parents and educators agree that summer is a time for children to spend less time in front of computer screens and more time outside. But, they also know how important it is for students to remain academically engaged throughout the summer months. Students, teachers, and parents have worked harder than ever this year due to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of these challenges, student screen time and academic learning gaps have increased dramatically. Now more than ever, summer learning will be an important tool in making sure that children are academically prepared for the coming school year.

A top priority for teachers and parents will be to create learning opportunities that will encourage children to turn off electronic devices, provide consistent daily academic practice, and seamlessly merge into a summer filled with outdoor fun.

What can be done?

Schools can provide opportunities and materials to families. Parents can implement a summer routine that includes time for academic work and activities that encourage less screen time.

Here are some free checklists for every level that will help you start to decrease screen time, increase academic retention, and enjoy those sunny, summer days! Jump to the end of the blog for some spring time math activities that you can print and have your child complete today!

Summer Solutions:

The need for summer learning is not new. Summer Solutions has been proven to work, and has been praised by teachers, parents, and even students alike!

Summer Solutions workbooks are an easy and portable way to keep kids knowledge up over summer – without screen time.”

Jennifer Cole, Parent
  • Provides distributed practice over the 10-week summer period strengthening retention.
  • Takes just minutes a day leaving plenty of time for outdoor fun.
  • Provides academic engagement WITHOUT screen time.
  • Can be taken anywhere: to the pool, on vacation, to the park.

This summer, help your child stay academically engaged with less screen time and more sunshine. Order Summer Solutions today!


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