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Keep Snow Days Educational and Fun! 5 Things to Include in Blizzard Bags this Season

Yes, it is that time of year again—the snow and cold temperatures are coming! While you might already have the required assignments your school district recommends for students’ blizzard bags, why not mix it up with some other fun things they can do as well?

Here are 5 recommendations:

  1. Turn on the Tube: Public television offers an abundance of educational shows. Find something that airs regularly in your area during school hours. Have your students tune in and watch the program. Include an assignment, such as a list of questions about the show. Be creative with your questions. Make it fun, but keep those minds thinking! For students who don’t have a television at home, you could include a similar assignment for radio. Or, have kids page through newspapers or magazines for an interesting story to read and report about.


blizzard bags
  1. Make it a Game: Kids love winning games, so make a game out of an assignment. Tell your students to keep track of weather conditions throughout the day. How much did temperature, wind speed, and precipitation change? They should record the numbers, understanding the differences. Students with the most accurate results or number of temperature changes could even win prizes! (Teachers, find the answers for your area here. Enter your zip code and choose “hourly.”)
blizzard bags
  1. Scavenger Hunt: What interesting artifacts can your students find at home? Have them find 2 or 3 unique items, and then research the history of those things. They can interview an adult, use the Internet, or read books that may be available at home. (An artifact is anything made by a human, so there’s bound to be something at home that would be of interest.) Have students write a brief report about the item from an archaeologist point of view.
blizzard bags
  1. Experiment: There is so much to do with just water from the kitchen sink (Google it, you’ll see!). Suggest a few experiments your students can do using water. Tell them to record their results in a lab report.
blizzard bags
  1. Get Physical: Keep those kids moving! Assign your students a physical activity (jumping jacks, dance, jogging in place, etc.) for 10 minutes that they should do once every hour. Require them to record it in a log. When the kids return to school, discuss how they kept active during the day (What were the benefits of doing those activities? How is staying physically active keeping them healthy? etc.)


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