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Opening day has come and gone, and your favorite Major League Baseball team (and mine) is still undefeated! We all hope the suspension of sports is a temporary situation and that we will soon hear those two familiar words, “Play ball!” Until then, here are some activities to create new fans among your children and help pass the time until America’s favorite pastime returns. Baseball easily connects to math, history, language arts, and science.

“…Take Me Out to the Park!”

Here’s an idea that encourages authentic problem-solving. Plan for a future family road trip to five different MLB ballparks. (Middle school students might do this independently.) Begin here for virtual access to all the team ballparks—including parks under construction. Watch this video to learn about some historic and famous ballparks. Students can use Google Trips to facilitate travel plans. Set a budget, and see who’s best at managing money. Use Google Sheets or another spreadsheet to keep track of costs (hotels, meals, gas, souvenirs, etc.). Ask students to include some sightseeing in each major-league city as well.

Baseball-Related Lesson Plans

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York is a mecca for baseball fans everywhere. Now is a perfect time for a virtual visit. The site offers a curriculum and a multitude of free lesson plans for grades 3–12. Topics include statistics, economics, civil rights, popular culture, labor history, physical science, leadership, the arts, and more. Lessons are grouped in grade-level bands, and there is something for everyone.

Free Downloads

Have you heard of Hall of Famer George Brett and his infamous pine-tar home run? Satisfy your curiosity about Brett with this sample lesson from the newly revised 5th Grade Summer Solutions Reading Comprehension series.

Our Simple Solutions Kentucky Studies features a passage and questions about the Louisville Slugger, Major League Baseball’s official bat. Take a virtual trip to the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Looking for a social studies/language arts activity? There are plenty of research topics associated with the game: Negro Leagues, Women’s Baseball, Hall of Fame Players, changes to equipment, etc. The digital collection at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is a perfect starting place.

Baseball card collectors of any age will delight in the digital card collection. Search by team, position, years, etc. Strengthen your student’s reading comprehension skills using the fascinating stories told about each player. And don’t forget the interesting statistics on the back of each card!

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