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Soon, if not already, you will be starting a new school year. That phrase, “new school year” prompts a variety of emotional responses in all of us, whether we’ve been teaching for years or just beginning the adventure.

One thing that we at Simple Solutions have done is to revamp our Star Center. We have made it more inviting and helpful, especially for the beginning of the school year. Our new format is easier to access, use, and enjoy! If you use Simple Solutions in your classroom, spend a bit of time browsing the Star Center before you begin the school year. It will enhance your appreciation of how our products can serve you.

Perhaps you have used our books for years but have been caught up in the frenzy of getting so much ready to start the year that you haven’t explored all we offer and what you have at your fingertips. Maybe this year could be the year to find out! If our product is new to you, we enthusiastically recommend exploring our website and Star Center.

Having taught for years, I know that it may seem counter-intuitive to spend time now looking at the Star Center. Reviewing the content now can save you time in the future. You’ll be surprised at the scope of the content and how it can enhance what you already do for students. We cover the gamut, from lessons and answers, digital quizzes (automatically graded with new, informative reports on student progress) to worksheet generators. You will find yourself saying, “Wow, I‘m impressed and thankful that I took a couple of minutes to see what’s in here! Now it’s in my memory bank, I know I can put this to use when I need it.”

Here is to an amazing new school year! May it be your best!

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Back to school

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Regina Webb

Regina was a high school English and Religious Studies teacher for many years. Working at Simple Solutions as a proofreader/editor (and sometimes writer) has been a perfect fit. When not proofing her colleagues’ creative ideas, she enjoys biking, reading, travel, and coffee on the back porch.

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