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Fifth Grade Activity- The Three Brothers

three brothers blog page

The story of “The Three Brothers” is a folktale about three men who leave home to make their way in the world and prove their worthiness to their father. Each not only learns a trade, but also develops a superpower to show off back home.

This free fifth grade activity includes questions and writing activities based on the Common Core State Standards for ELA. It also includes a SMART board activity that links to a version of Aesop’s Fable, “The Bundle of Sticks,” as well as a different version on You Tube. The text and video can be used with the writing activities suggested in the teacher’s guide.

This reading activity is similar to the lessons in our Simple Solutions reading series. The series aligns with Common Core State Standards for Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Writing, and English Language.

  • As recommended by the CCSS, the student book contains a 50/50 ratio of literary and informational text. 
  • All items are coded to show alignment with the Common Core State Standards. This includes lessons, quizzes, and the Pre/Post-Test, as well as Writing Tasks. The Student Edition contains 108 lessons and 18 quizzes.
  • Common Core aligned Writing Tasks provide practice with evidence-based writing.
  • Complete lesson plans and student handouts are included in the Teacher’s Edition. Writing Tasks include pre-writing activities and address argument/opinion, informative/explanatory, and narrative writing.

Click on the image to download the files:

(Note: You must have SMART Notebook software installed to view SMART Board files.)

PDF of the lesson:

picture three brothers

SMART board story:

picture of three brothers smart

SMART board questions:

question pic

SMART board extension questions: 

extension picture

Simple Solutions  Worksheet Generator

The Worksheet Generator allows you to create and print customized worksheets for review, practice, and/or assessment. With thousands of items to choose from, you can tailor each 12-item worksheet to meet the specific needs of your students. All items are coded to show their Common Core alignment, and each worksheet comes with a corresponding answer key.

  • Focus on a single Common Core State Standard, or choose up to three Standards per worksheet.
  • Select each math problem from a large list of items within a Common Core State Standard. Or, allow the generator to randomly select items for you, based on the Standards you’ve chosen.

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