Fidget Spinners and Math Practice

Spinning into Math Facts!

Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners- the new fad that had both teachers going dizzy over the classroom annoyance.   The principal at the local STEM school posted his frustration about them on his personal Social Media page:

“Word of warning to parents buying spinners for ‘concentration’, the spinner’s days are NUMBERED. I hope they run their course soon, or I will have a box of them in my office in the near future. That is all!”

I must admit, I laughed at that post.  It made me very happy that I am was working for Simple Solutions and not in a middle school classroom this spring!  If mild mannered, Mr. Patrick was over this new trend, I probably would have been too!

Principals, teachers, and parents do not fear!

You can put a positive “spin” on fidget spinners!  First, download  and print the free math facts

worksheets.  Then, get out those spinners (any kind will work, sparkly, glow in the dark, animal print, the original….) Your child can see how many problems they can complete before the spinner stops!  One spin will not do- spin it 3 to 5 times to complete the problems. Do this a few times a week this summer and in only minutes a day, your child will have all the math facts memorized!

If your kids do not think that this is good use of their time, you can have them read this blog on fidget spinners and speeded math practice.

 “Practicing math facts should be one of the methods used to help students build solid foundations to scaffold their learning of mathematics.”

I am sure, if  given the choice to read the blog or to JUST DO the math page, they will probably just do the math page… maybe.

And, don’t worry, Mr. Patrick, summer is finally here.  You can return all of the fidget spinners to their owners because they won’t be back in the fall.  I am almost positive that something new will be in your students book bags.  And it will probably sparkle and glow in the dark!

Fidget Spinners in Action!

Some of our little friends have tested out this activity and their parents sent us the pictures. Take a look at Paxton, Kiera, Patrick, and Tommy  working hard.  If you would like to show us your child completing this activity, you can either email them to us, or post them on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.  We don’t just like watching the spinners in action, we LOVE watching students keeping their math skills sharp!




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