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Fashion Through the Snow!

winter wearThe winter season is upon us, and you’ve probably already started shopping for your children’s outdoor winter wear. Nowadays, cold-weather attire can be fashionable, but functionality is a must, especially in those colder climates! Check out these tips on what to look for when buying winter wear for your children.

  • Let’s start with boots. Finding a good quality pair of boots is so important, especially if your child walks to school. The boots should have insulation, be water resistant, and have enough traction to keep your child steady on those icy sidewalks. You can find trendy boots for your child that have all these elements, but don’t assume it’s the case with every pair. Check the label or ask a sales clerk to make sure.


  • A winter coat that is durable and will keep your child warm throughout the cold winter months is a must! If you can, find a coat that has a removable inner jacket. This is a great option to have on those warmer winter days.
  • One problem with coat-shopping is deciding what kind of material to look for. Down or synthetic insulation—which is better?! It all comes down to personal preference. Down insulation is made from the soft feathers of a goose or duck. It is incredibly warm and lightweight, so your child won’t feel bogged down in the coat. Synthetic insulation, on the other hand, is considered better able to resist moisture and is usually hypoallergenic. Coats with synthetic insulation typically dry faster than down-insulated coats, too. There is a downside, however. Synthetic has a reputation of being heavier than down, so consider that as well. Whatever you choose, you will find plenty of fashionable coats for your child that are made with either material.


  • Last but not least—winter accessories. Your children might complain when they’re bundled up in all their winter gear. Hats, scarves, gloves and mittens are just too much winter warmth! Regardless of their complaints, we know the importance of all this protection. When shopping for winter accessories, just make sure they are practical for your child’s activities. For example, if your child likes to be outside a lot, you will probably want to make sure the accessories are lined with an extra layer of material for added warmth.

Now that you’re ready for the flakes to fall,

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