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Explore Our New Reading Comprehension Books for Seventh and Eighth Grade

Reading is the fundamental building block of all learning. Statistics show that the reading habits and achievement levels of students at all levels is in decline.[1] The US ranks 7th in reading literacy among 60 nations in the world.[2] Although this number has improved, more needs to be done. The key to increasing proficient readers is to move past the status quo and adopt new approaches that are proven to work. Research shows that reading comprehension, which is the goal of all reading instruction, along with reading enjoyment, must be our top priority.[3] We believe that the Simple Solutions Approach to reading comprehension can do both. Daily readings of concise, varied, and interesting topics, distributed practice—along with solid instruction from the classroom teacher—will provide mastery and lifelong retention. Our goal in creating Simple Solutions Reading Comprehension goes beyond literacy—we strive to foster proficient, life-long lovers of reading!

Levels 7 and 8 of Simple Solutions Reading Comprehension provide the following:

  • 108 lessons of varying styles including fiction (literary works), and, per recent standard changes, 60% nonfiction (informational essays). This combination of styles broadens and deepens students’ ability to comprehend, appreciate, and utilize an array of works.
  • Standards-based, text-dependent questions and vocabulary practice with a variety of strategies, including context clues
  • Improved comprehension and recall of what is read, including the main idea and pertinent details assessed through multiple choice and/or short answer formats
  • A quiz at the end of each unit (18 quizzes in all) and a pre/post-test
  • Detailed writing modules that correspond with each of the units

Simple Solutions Reading Comprehension lessons can be done independently as homework or as part of the daily classroom routine. Students learn to self-check their work using answers that teachers provide by reading them aloud or displaying them on a whiteboard. The unit quizzes allow the teacher to assess and monitor student progress, address ongoing struggles, and plan necessary interventions.

Click on the links below to download Simple Solutions Reading Comprehension, Levels 7 and 8 reading and writing sample lessons and guides

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