Easy on the Ear: Musical Entertainment and Education in Equal Measure

Music education supports math, science, art, and literacy. In elementary schools, especially, music rules! Yet, distance learning has prevented many students from participating in regular music classes, not to mention band, choir, and instrumental music lessons. Though nothing can take the place of an excellent music teacher, students can explore music at home. I’ve gathered some resources that both enhance musical intelligence and help students experience music in entertaining ways.

Ride On!

To get started, take a trip with Line Riders, animations that engage learners of all ages with classical music. The creators use principles of physics to send tiny sled-riders gliding along lines that illustrate classical music pieces. The art and music are simple, elegant, and addictive! I challenge anyone to watch one of these videos and not break out in a huge grin!

William Tell Overture (Rossini)

The Blue Danube Waltz (Strauss)

Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro

Learn and Play

MUSICPLAY has made many features temporarily available to teachers and parents at no charge. This series of tutorial videos explains everything you need to get the most out of MUSICPLAY. Children can learn how to play the recorder with animated videos (click the Kit1Animated tab) showing where to place their fingers for each note. There is also a huge selection of songs to play.

Another great feature is the Online Learning Modules for PreK–6 with step-by-step teaching instructions for each lesson. One of my favorites is the Peter and the Wolf series.

MUSICPLAY also includes a wide variety of fun games. Children will identify instruments of the orchestra, match an instrument to its sound or a rhythm to a series of notes, and so much more. Each game is engaging, entertaining, and educational. (Shhh! Don’t tell the kids!)

Intro to Classics

Classics for Kids is an award-winning website designed to introduce students to classical music. Sections for parents and teachers help you guide children to appreciate the power of music.

Children are introduced to composers from around the world through various links, organized by name, country, time period, women composers, and choral composers. Many include an activity sheet for learning even more about the featured composer.

Although the games in this website are limited, they are quality games—the kind that make children forget they are learning. There’s even a game where they can compose their own music!

In the Lab

Chrome Music Lab is filled with hands-on activities that connect music to math, science, and art. Each “experiment” has a yellow circle with a question mark in the top right corner. Click on it to read a brief explanation about what to do and how the experiment is connected to math, science, or art.

On Stage

LSO Play is an interactive site that lets you watch the London Symphony Orchestra in a way you’ve never experienced—right on the orchestra stage! Spectators control views of the performance by the different sections of the orchestra. Decide whether you want to watch the conductor, violins, woodwinds, brass, or percussion. No matter what instrument your child plays, this is a unique perspective for any budding musician to experience.

No Passwords Needed!

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Summer Solutions workbooks keep kids off the electronics and focused on basic skills. This allows students to get the practice they need so that they can continue learning all summer long. Ordering is easy and the books are sent directly to your house.         

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    There are so many quality activities in the links—hard to believe, but they’re all free. I could spend a lot time in MusicPlay!

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