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Differentiate with Ease

Simple Solutions Worksheet Generator

Differentiation. It’s a buzzword in education that is not going to disappear. Many teachers have mixed emotions about the word. Teachers know differentiation is vital to solid instruction and for student success, and they WANT to use it in their classrooms. They know it’s a best practice. They know it helps improve teacher-student connections, and they know it increases student motivation and achievement. However, teachers also know how time-consuming and frustrating differentiation can be. It takes a lot of time and effort to modify instruction or an assignment for every student–sometimes it feels like a second full-time job.

One resource that alleviates the overwhelming frustration of finding individualized instructional materials is the Simple Solutions Worksheet Generator. The Worksheet Generator allows teachers to create and print customized worksheets for review, practice, and/or assessment. With thousands of items to choose from, teachers can tailor each 12-item worksheet to meet the specific needs of students. Each worksheet comes with a corresponding answer key as well.

In just seconds, teachers can create a worksheet focusing on a single standard or up to three standards per worksheet:

  • Choose a topic or standard based on a student’s learning needs.
  • Customize the worksheet by selecting from a large bank of questions for each standard, or let the generator randomly select items for you, based on the topics you’ve chosen.
  • Click PRINT.

It’s that fast and that simple!

Access to the Worksheet Generator can be found through the Simple Solutions S2TaR Center. It is free of charge to schools that have purchased Simple Solutions workbooks for the current school year. All teachers who use Simple Solutions workbooks receive access to digital Teacher Editions, curriculum resources for the subjects they purchased, and, for math and English, digital quizzes and a worksheet generator.

In no time, the Worksheet Generator will help you modify instruction, practice, and even assessment for every child in your classroom. It’s particularly useful for students with special learning needs–putting an end to the one-size-fits-all mentality. This tool, the Simple Solutions Worksheet Generator, will enable you to integrate differentiation without all the stressful time-consuming searching for resources.

About the author


Marge is a writer here at Simple Solutions. She has Elementary and Special Education degrees from Notre Dame College. For 17 years, she taught both second and third grades at St. Paschal Baylon School in Ohio, the first school to use Simple Solutions. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, and visiting US National Parks with her husband.

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