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December Recycling


December Recycling

December is the time of year when many catalogs are published and mailed to your house.  This year your “Green Team” will be able to get those magazines out of the landfills and to a recycling center where they can be made into new paper products.

During one week in December, encourage everyone to bring in all of the magazines and catalogs that have been cluttering up the house.  Provide each homeroom with a box or a paper bag to stack them in.  Each day, members of the Green Team will visit each room and take what was collected to the recycling bin.  They will also measure the stack and keep track of how many inches the homeroom brought in on a log outside of the room. At the end of the week the class who brought in the most inches of magazines will be the winner!!

Really, the entire world wins!  When we recycle paper, fewer of the world’s trees are used.  A display in a central location of the school is a nice way to thank EVERYONE for doing their part to help the Earth.

December Recycling

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