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Wow!  We have had such a great response to the baseball blog!  Tomorrow, the next blog in our extendED summer series will be posted, but before that happens, we wanted to share some of the fantastic things people have told us about Baseball Math.

First I would like to introduce you to the Moore kids.

Baseball Blog

These kids have a bright future in baseball AND math!

Here are some other responses we have gotten:

Rhea said

I have a nephew [who] just finished fourth grade. He is really bright academically and wants to play pro ball one day.  This is a great set of sports-related math.  Thanks!

Art sent us a puzzle that we were able to figure out. Can you?

It’s hard to talk baseball when the White Sox have lost 8 in a row and look pathetic. : ( Nonetheless, I’ll mention this paradox your students should find interesting: Player A can have a higher batting average than Player B for the first half of the season, and then again for the second half, while, remarkably, Player B has the higher average for the full season! … Can you find an example?

Jeff provided another great baseball resource:

The article justly mentions baseball statistics — which, along with doing my own score when bowling (before computers took over) — stimulated my love of, and ability with, math. The specific site for stats is  Note that if you mouse over the column headings, an explanation of each category will pop up.

Thank you to everyone who commented on our Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest,  LinkedIn, or even here at the blog.  We love to hear from you and enjoy all of your feedback!

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