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At-home Learning with Simple Solutions

Many states have decided to close their K–8 schools for at least a few weeks. With so little time to prepare instructional materials for home use, we want to remind you of what Simple Solutions already provides:

Students can use their Simple Solutions at home.

The books are consumable and were designed to be used as homework or independent classwork. Let parents know that Simple Solutions introduces material in small bits and reviews what has already been taught so far this year.

Assign one lesson per day for the duration of the school closure. 

Remind students and parents to use the Help Pages. These are at the back of math, English, and many other books. All the Help Pages can be downloaded at our website as well.

If possible, teachers should continue to give feedback daily or a few times per week. *

Work with students through video instruction.

Have students send photos of their completed lessons via email or Google classroom.

Have students type answers in Google classroom or email their answers to the teacher for feedback.

Use Simple Solutions digital quizzes.

These are available for Common Core Math, grades 1–8 and Common Core English, grades 3–8. Use this Help Document for information about how to set up a classroom and assign the quizzes. Students can take their quizzes online.

Use Simple Solutions Worksheet Generators

Available for Original Math and Common Core Math, grades K–8 and Common Core English, grades 2–8. The use of Worksheet Generators is free and unlimited for all teachers who use Simple Solutions Math or English.

Create worksheets and download them as PDFs. The worksheets are customizable and can review one to three standards each.

Send the sheets through email or post them in Google classroom.

Use Simple Solutions Online Resources.

These are in the S2TaR Center (Resources link), and their use is free and unlimited for all teachers who use Simple Solutions. There are two types:

Simple Solutions curriculum–based materials: Crosswords, word games, and other activities in PDF form. They can be printed out at home or sent to students. In the Simple Solutions Reading Comprehension Teacher’s Edition, there are also writing activities in PDF form.

A library of interactive websites: These are organized by grade band, subject, and subtopic. The sites offer instruction on grade-level concepts, interactive online games to practice these concepts, high-quality, standards-based video clips, animations, and much more.

Consider starting Summer Solutions now.

It’s not too early for students to complete their Summer Solutions books at home.

The books are available for PreK through 8th grade in a variety of subject areas and are designed to review and reinforce skills and concepts that were introduced this year.

Each book has 30 lessons and an answer key. Most also include Help Pages.

Parents can purchase Summer Solutions online. Each book is $15.99, which includes delivery to the home. Parents do not need a school code but will need to know what books the school recommends (e.g., Original Simple Solutions series or Common Core).

If you need help with Summer Solutions or would like to have a school code, so parents only see the books you want them to order, please call Judy at 877–382–7537

* Due to copyright laws and our agreement with schools, Simple Solutions is not able to provide answer keys or grant permission for teachers to duplicate or release answers in any way other than what is outlined in the Teacher’s Edition. Under the current circumstances, we recommend that students complete a lesson per day at home, regardless of whether they can immediately check their work.

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Nancy is a former elementary teacher and gifted intervention specialist. She joined Simple Solutions in 2005 as co-author of the original English Grammar & Writing Mechanics series, and today, she manages our Writing Team. Outside of work, Nancy enjoys cooking, movies, biking, and travel.

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