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April is a time for poetry fun!

Enjoy a plethora of poetry links and a free download for your classroom.

World Poetry Day is celebrated around the world every March 21st

National Poetry Month is celebrated in April. Here are 30 ways to celebrate National Poetry Month.

April brings an abundance of great things…warm spring days, National Poetry Month, and a free Simple Solutions sample poetry lesson, to name just a few! The Academy of American Poets began poetry month in 1996. These writers have us take note of an important literary genre that speaks to readers in a particular way.

Young children often love poetry. They appreciate the snapshot of life that poems offer. Writers Jack Prelutsky, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Shel Silverstein, and the poem, Shaker Abecedarius, tickle the funny bone or capture childhood experiences. There are also many delightful picture books, too numerous to mention, that enchant young eyes, ears, and minds.

All too often, however, the enjoyment of poetry wanes as children age, and teachers struggle to rekindle the interest students once had. Poetry should never be relegated to just the month of April. National Poetry Month certainly offers an opportunity to focus extra attention on this under-appreciated form of expression. Guided lessons are helpful, as are questions to get you thinking. It’s also fun just to open a book of poems or an anthology of poetry to see what strikes your fancy!

Spend some time on the top of Lear’s Crumpetty Tree by clicking on the links below. You’ll find a lesson featuring that character as well as some links to poetry-based interactive activities, lesson plans, and other delightful poems.


“The Quangle Wangle’s Hat” by Edward Lear, from Simple Solutions Reading Comprehension Level 3. If you would like to try Simple Solutions for free in your classroom, click on the button below!


Poetry Train

This “essential guide to using poetry in the classroom” is an exceptionally delightful collection of poems and ideas that will most certainly spark student interest in poetry. Ideas include student-created scary monster poems, ways to help students use alliteration with example poems, writing a class poem, haiku, and so much more. Your students will be eager to pick up their pencils and take a stab at poetry writing. Materials for Teachers

This site has a comprehensive calendar of poetry ideas for the classroom. Additionally, it has several themed events around poetry and children, and perhaps, best of all, a link to Lesson Plans by Theme, a broad range of topics that includes poems of various levels of sophistication. Topics include music, science, immigration, love, Martin Luther King Day, autumn, politics, the environment, family, and Halloween.

Poetry Foundation: Children’s Poetry Page

Here you will find a few articles on children’s poetry for teachers followed by an extensive list of thoroughly enjoyable poems for children that they will surely love.

Poems for Children by Famous Poets

Many famous poets are collected on this page. For example, you will see poems by Shel Silverstein, A.A. Milne, Robert Louis Stevenson, e.e. cummings, and Lucille Clifton. On the right-hand side of the site is an extensive list of additional poem categories worth exploring.

Poetry Hangman Game

Your students can also play an online hangman game featuring poetry terminologies such as simile, meter, and limerick.

Sons of Poetry: Sesame Street Video

Despite the fact that this is Sesame Street, the irony of a rhyming motorcycle gang will entertain older students as well.

The 20 Best Poems for KidsFavorite Poem Project

Favorite Poem Project

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