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5 Winter Songs Appropriate for Just About Any Classroom

winterThe holiday season is quickly approaching! If you have turned on the radio or strolled through the mall lately, you’ve probably noticed that the airwaves are full of songs about snow, holly, and pine trees. But, for many teachers, finding music appropriate for singing at school can be a challenge. Songs that hint at a man in a red suit are often not an option for winter concerts and music lessons.

However, there are still many “winter song” options. Here are five that are often associated with the holidays, but remarkably, their traditional lyrics don’t mention Christmas. With this list, you can bring music into your classroom this holiday season.

Remember: Always review the lyrics and any recordings you plan to use prior to introducing them to your class.

Winter Wonderland

While this song is often included on Christmas albums, it is really a song about two people walking through a meadow and stopping to build a snowman. There are many versions of this song, all with slightly different lyrics. Here is one version I like!

Frosty the Snowman

This beloved winter song is one that most children already know. The classic Gene Autry recording of this song is among the most famous, but regardless of the version they all tell the story of a snowman who magically comes to life to play with the neighborhood children.

Jingle Bells

You’ve probably heard kids singing the “Batman smells” version of this song, but the original is equally engaging. Don’t believe it’s a “winter song”? Check out the lyrics for yourself here. You can find the Kidsongs kids singing this fun song here!

Sleigh Ride

This one is a classic in both its instrumental and lyric versions. The song’s lyrics tell of a group traveling though a winter scene via a horse-drawn sleigh. They’re headed to a party at a neighboring farm where there will be fantastic food. The a cappella group, Pentatonix, has an impressive adaptation that can inspire your little musicians with intricate melodies and harmonies, not to mention beat-boxing.

My Favorite Things (From The Sound of Music)

In 1959, Rodger and Hammerstein did not set out to write a holiday tune. They were creating a soundtrack for The Sound of Music, a Broadway musical that became a timeless, beloved film. For many folks, however, “My Favorite Things” has become synonymous with winter holidays. Although it makes no mention of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Solstice, this song—with its lovely patterned lyrics and concrete images—is perfect for inspiring joy and gratitude any time!

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