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4 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Busy During Winter Break

Winter break is almost here! Let’s keep the kids busy with some fun-filled activities sure to entertain them during their time off! We asked some of the staff here at Simple Solutions for suggestions. Here are some of our favorite responses:

  1. Explore the neighborhood with a penny walk.winter break

This is a great idea from our layout editor, Becky. It’s super simple too—all you need is a penny! The walk begins at the end of the driveway. Flip the penny. Heads you turn right; tails you turn left. Before you go further, though, discuss what you might see…squirrels chasing each other or maybe kids building a snowman. Every time you come to a stop sign (or other landmark that you designate), flip the coin again. Continue until you make it back home. You can do this activity anywhere. It doesn’t have to be confined to your neighborhood. Explore a new place!

  1. Make a bird feeder and watch the birds come to visit.

One of our writers, Sydney, says kids will love this crafty project. Find a nice-sized pinecone and roll it in peanut butter. Then, roll the whole thing in birdseed. Hang the seed-covered pinecone outside a window or someplace where everyone can watch the birds as they come to eat. Kids will relish the time waiting to see what kinds of birds come to munch on the treat they made!

  1. Bring the snow inside.

Lori, our social media coordinator, suggests taking a few large bowls from the kitchen and filling them with snow. Place the bowls on the kitchen table and put mittens on your kids. They can use whatever they have at their disposal (kitchen utensils, toys, and so on) to play with the snow right there in the warm kitchen. You could even fill squirt bottles with food coloring to decorate the snow. Lori says, “surprisingly, it will take quite a while for the snow to melt, so there’s plenty of time for kids to enjoy it!”

  1. Take pictures.

Have your kids keep a photo journal of all the things they do during winter break. One of our writers, Francine says, “to help your kids get started, every morning come up with a list of things they want to do.” She then suggests making a goal to do those things throughout the day, snapping pics of all the fun experiences. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. It could be as simple as building a town of blanket forts in the basement. By the end of winter break, they’ll have something exciting to share with friends and family!

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